BACKGROUND CHECK: The Helper Academy shall perform a criminal background check on all Faculty prior to authorizing a particular Nominated Faculty Member to oversee the seminar and certification. The reason for this is to ensure that our Faculty evinces respect for and compliances with the law.  Nominated Faculty need not comply with such a due diligence requirement, but assignments will not be effectuated as a result meaning the Nominated Faculty will NOT be an authorized representative of The Helper Academy. 

The Helper Academy has a zero tolerance policy on animal cruelty and any past conviction for animal cruelty in any jurisdiction that a background check detects is grounds for automatic removal from the Nominated Faculty list. 

 The Helper Academy has a zero tolerance policy against crimes involving sexual misconduct such as stalking, harassment, false imprisonment, kidnapping, assault, battery, rape, etc. The aforementioned crimes are illustrative and not exhaustive. 

 The Helper Academy will weigh heavily any convictions for felonious assault, battery, kidnapping, forgery, larceny, etc. The aforementioned crimes are illustrative and not exhaustive.

 All background checks will be run at the expense of The Helper Academy through an agency that will only reveal results if an adverse finding is detected. At such a time, The Helper Academy will follow the principles and spirit of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and advise the Nominated Faculty Member of any finding and provide him or her a reasonable period to address the accuracy or inaccuracy of said findings.